{Warning: Major Plot Points Ahead}

List of Artifacts:Edit

  1. Space Shard
  2. Old Gem
  3. Source Shard (#1)
  4. Glowing Blade
  5. Source Shard (#2)
  6. Source Shard (#3)
  7. Strange Mask
  8. Pointy Hat
  9. Evil Horn
  10. Boss Key

Getting the first artifact, the Space Shard.

List of Artifacts' Flavor TextEdit

  1. (Space Shard) "It is a glowing piece of a meteor."
  2. (Old Gem) "Legends say it was part of a sword owned by a hero."
  3. (Source Shard #1) "Legends say it was once able to control minds and hearts."
  4. (Glowing Blade) "It is a shining blade of a sword."
  5. (Source Shard #2) "Is is a glowing piece of a crystal."
  6. (Source Shard #3) "Legends say it was onced owned by a rich landowner."
  7. (Strange Mask) "Markings on the mask suggest it is Uvutian."
  8. (Pointy Hat) "It is too small for you, but it looks cool."
  9. (Evil Horn) "This horn has the mark of the Terrrors."
  10. (Boss Key) "It shines with an evil presence."