The title screen for Version 1.1. The only thing different on any version's title screen is the version number after the title. (+CSE version)


A small demo of the game running on a monochrome TI-83+


Source Seekers is a Dungeon Raider/RPG game that functions on the Homescreen. It is compatible with the TI-83 and above. It currently has 1 level pack/12 released levels, with more packs planned. The game's public version is currently 1.3.


It was started on May 9th, 2014, when the creator (123outerme, or the awesome creator) came up with the idea to create a game about collecting artifacts for some purpose. The first tangible release was 0.4 on May 10th of that same year. It was officially released on June 9, 2014. The entire development cycle took one month, or 31 days.