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This wiki is about the z80 calculator game and all of its ports and renditions made by user 123outerme and other members, Source Seekers. Visit this link to see all of the minor updates, both for the game and the creator. The download to Source Seekers is here for ticalc, here for Omnimaga, and here for Cemetech.

Platforms & Version (BASIC z80)Edit

Source Seekers is for the TI-83 calculators (and up). It is fully compatible with the TI-84+CSE as well. The current public version is 1.3. Thanks to JWinslow23, CVSoft, The_King, and MateoConLechuga for offering to test this game!

Platforms & Version (BASIC 68k)Edit

A port of this game for 68k calculators is being worked on by princetonlion.tibd, and might take a long time due to the differences in 68k BASIC and z80 BASIC and the amount of experience the author has, and the level he has to achieve. He is currently refining his 68k BASIC skills to match with 123outerme. A big thanks to princetonlion is deserved, for this amazing project! The current version is unknown, but progress is being made!

Platforms & Version (Axe z80)Edit

An Axe parser version is in the works, and will have many more features! The features planned include multiple save files, character naming and customization, configurable keys, more levels and secrets post-game, more level content, and larger map screens. The remake has not been started yet, due to the need for 123outerme to study Axe more.


Source Seekers was started on May 9, 2014 on the Omnimaga forums. The first public release, V0.4, debuted the next day. Beta became closed on May 21, the same year. Source Seekers V1.0 was released to the public on June 9, the same year. The development cycle took exactly one month, or 31 days.

The 68k version was started on June 14th, with permission from 123outerme on Omnimaga. The project page is here. It is currently on hold while princetonlion seeks help and writes more simple programs to get to 123outerme's BASIC skills.

The Axe z80 version was started on July 27, 2014. The idea was presented to 123outerme by Omnimaga user Streetwalrus. The Omnimaga topic for Source Seekers Battle, the name given to the Axe remake, is here.

Latest activityEdit

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The quickskipped main menu for V0.8.