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    May 23, 2014 by 123outerme

    May 23 2014:

    Put on your robes and grab your broom, we've got company! Guess "which"? Something's firing electricity!

    The wizard enemy fires bolts of lightning on a single plane or at the player. If you are hit, you lose a life. There is some strategy to defeating one, so keep on your toes!

    May 24 2014:

    Get ready to storm the Tower, and make sure to have some Defense!

    The tower enemy fires cannonballs that instantly kill the player. They fire vertically, as opposed to wizards, who fire horizontally. You can't kill the tower, unlike the wizard, however; they are just stage hazards.

    May 25 2014:

    Study up, now you're a wizard! Using ALPHA, you can fire Arcane bolts! They can toggle switch targets, defeat enemies, and more!

    May 26 2014:

    In between leveā€¦

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    May 23, 2014 by 123outerme

    Welcome to the Source Seekers wikia blog! I will post updates on the game and about myself sometimes, and you can follow every update!

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