May 23 2014:

Put on your robes and grab your broom, we've got company! Guess "which"? Something's firing electricity!

The wizard enemy fires bolts of lightning on a single plane or at the player. If you are hit, you lose a life. There is some strategy to defeating one, so keep on your toes!

May 24 2014:

Get ready to storm the Tower, and make sure to have some Defense!

The tower enemy fires cannonballs that instantly kill the player. They fire vertically, as opposed to wizards, who fire horizontally. You can't kill the tower, unlike the wizard, however; they are just stage hazards.

May 25 2014:

Study up, now you're a wizard! Using ALPHA, you can fire Arcane bolts! They can toggle switch targets, defeat enemies, and more!

May 26 2014:

In between levels 5 and 6, you walk on an empty bridge to get to the castle! No one's there, fighting for your entry. You can even see the door from the main part of level 6!

May 27 2014:

So, you ready for this game? It's super fast, super fun, and super packed with content! 

Anyway, feature time. Don't worry if you lose a few lives, there's 1-UPs! By the jar or magic, you can boost your lives!

May 28 2014:

Are you tired of all of these single-enemy levels? Have no fear, level 9 is here!

Level 9 has two enemies, both of which you can kill and can kill you. After you defeat them, then the chest appears!

May 29 2014:

As you approach the boss door, you see two familiar enemies. That's right, the two most dangerous enemies have tag-teamed to make sure you don't get in! The Tower and Wizard bar your way, and will you be able to maneuver between cannon shots and electricity bolts to get the boss key?

June 4 2014:

The game is nearing completion; the dev team is at the final stretch! We're nearing release date, and a definitive date will be coming soon!

Sorry for not updating the Dev Blog, I have been very busy with this game and with my schedule.

June 9 2014:

We're nearing completion; expect a primitive release within the next 3 days! Think of it as a return to being in public beta.

As you approach the final boss, the boss of Terrors, you don't know what to expect. What's behind those doors is more than a plain fight!